We have Used Books!!!

Used Books at Disciple Christian Books in Oregon City.

I know that some of you bookaholics out there are just bursting at the seams to browse used Christian books.

Disciple Christian Books in Oregon City has a used book department that has been growing by leaps and bounds.

So now your enthusiasm for used books can find an outlet in Oregon City. We have had a number of customers find books that they have been searching to find for a long time – this is what used books are all about (beside the other benefit of saving money).

We seek to have variety and depth in our used book selection. Our larger sections are Bible Reference, General Reading, Ficiton, Biography, Theology and Christian Family and Younger Readers. Other sections are: Hymnals, Prayer, Devotionals, Old Paths, Defense of the Faith, Prophecy, Greek & Hebrew languages, Church History, Ministry, Missions, Evangelism, Mystics and some Books on Books books. We carry books related to numerous denominations. Hopefully something for everyone.

We have over 12,000 used books in the store and are very thankful for the customers that bring books into the store to sell to us. Although we cannot buy everything, our goal is to have depth and variety in a multitude of categories.

Please come and visit us and if we do not have the book you want maybe we can get it for you.